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Inside of rotating acrylic globe

Did you ever see glassy spinning globe of Earth, Moon, Mars, or other planet? Did you ask question, how come, that is rotating? Orwille Wingnut was not satisfied with general answer, and he posted video, what is inside. See it … Continue reading

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Irish Soda Bread

On Saint Patrick’s day I’ve got surprising gift: Irish Soda Bread. It was gone almost immediately. Very tasty, sweet, a little bit crunchy, just fabulous. Bought at Walmart. Here is link to their recipe. Ingredients Nonstick cooking spray 2 cups … Continue reading

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Romaine lettuce orange juice smoothie

Simple and easy romaine lettuce orange juice smoothie. See pictures below. There are about 225g of lettuce and 335g of orange juice resulting in two glasses of the smoothie. Good source of information about food is at including downloadable … Continue reading

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Snowfall on May 2nd

Only few days again came finally Spring, and today, on May 2nd is Winter here again. Looks like it was too soon put outside garden table and chairs. There is now one foot of snow. Snow in the garden One … Continue reading

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Spinach Cashew Salad

I made Spinach-Cashew salad again, and everyone liked it. Here is recipe including my measurements. Feel free to adjust it. I personally tend to put less sugar. Or you may add more salad, etc., etc. Salad 1 bag Spinach (188 … Continue reading

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Fox cubs on last year grass

Snow from yesterday is gone, and so fox cubs can play and enjoy sunny day. Just 30 yards from house. Let’s hope pretty soon they could see for the first time green grass.

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Winter in Minnesota does not give up

Astronomical Winter ended already on March 20 at 6:02 CDT (11:02 UT), but looking outside, there is no Spring, no green grass, no green leafs. This Friday morning on April 19th snow again. This bird on the deck has to … Continue reading

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Week ago was really low temperature with a lot of snow. But in last few days a lot of that snow melted, and our compost Earth Machine also melted, so I could put inside all organic waste from last days. … Continue reading

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