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Sexagesimal one character digits

Sexagesimal (base 60) is a numeral system with sixty as its base. In some form with help of decimal digits ┬áis used for measuring time, angles, and geographic coordinates. There are no special symbols for it’s digits like in binary … Continue reading

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Irish Soda Bread

On Saint Patrick’s day I’ve got surprising gift: Irish Soda Bread. It was gone almost immediately. Very tasty, sweet, a little bit crunchy, just fabulous. Bought at Walmart. Here is link to their recipe. Ingredients Nonstick cooking spray 2 cups … Continue reading

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Romaine lettuce orange juice smoothie

Simple and easy romaine lettuce orange juice smoothie. See pictures below. There are about 225g of lettuce and 335g of orange juice resulting in two glasses of the smoothie. Good source of information about food is at including downloadable … Continue reading

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