Inside of rotating acrylic globe

Did you ever see glassy spinning globe of Earth, Moon, Mars, or other planet? Did you ask question, how come, that is rotating? Orwille Wingnut was not satisfied with general answer, and he posted video, what is inside. See it inside.


It is actually invention of William French, who published video about his invention. He submitted his patent application in 1999, and he received US patent 6937125 for “Self rotating display spherical device”, and several follow up patents with name “Frictionless self-powered moving display”. There are two spheres inside each other. Inner sphere floats on two type of non mixable liquids, more dense at bottom. It is covered with graphics, for example map of Earth, and its semi-transparent, so solar cells inside can generate electricity. Permanent magnet keeps orientation towards to the magnetic field of Earth, and motor can rotate all inner sphere even with a little electrical energy from ambien light


If you bring magnet to upper part of globe just for 10 seconds or so, it will stop rotating. After minute it starts wobble back and forward again with very small angle. With time that angle is increasing., but even after one hour it still stops and goes a little bit back. Eventually it rotates only in one direction again.

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