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20 petaflops supercomputer from Rochester MN

New IBM supercomputer Sequoia will be built, tested and benchmarked in IBM’s Rochester, Minnesota plant, home of the Blue Gene class of supercomputers the company builds for ultra-scale computational applications.  The hardware and software development will by provided by IBM … Continue reading

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Small routers

As soon as one needs more than just to connect small/office/bussiness network to the internet, there is a need for more router specifics. Here are some interesting options: Belkin Play Max Wireless Router: + 2 USB ports for printer, scanner, … Continue reading

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MySQL 5.0.10 db upgrading copied tables

Recently I copied directories – databases. Each table had files  with extension  frm, MYD, and MYI. Later,  I saw in phpmyadmin db name #mysql50#mydatab instead of expected name of database (and directory) mydatab. I was able to fix this problem by following command:…\mysql>bin\mysqlcheck.exe -u root … Continue reading

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find a files with -mmin

To find a files is helpful tool, if debugging some problems. Unix utility find allows many arguments, today I found useful argument mmin. Command   find . -mmin -10 -mmin +5 finds files modified between 6 and 9 minutes ago.

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