Colonel Leavenworth’s saddle

I finished new version of website, which describes beautiful, well done saddle replica. In 1862, Colonel Jesse Leavenworth’s saddle was considered the most expensive saddle made in the U.S.A.  The military style saddle was made by Denver saddle maker E. L. Gallatin.  Vaclav Gresak from Czech Republic who is specialist in making custom reproductions of western saddles, holsters, scabbards, whips and other products from leather created this replica. This functional replica has been made under using finest quality leather and 19th century techniques to duplicate the look and feel of the Old West. The saddle featured extensive silver trimming (in this case one and half pound of pure silver), exquisite hand tolled designs of floral patterns and shields and plaited decorations. This saddle is made on wood tree covered by rawhide, upper pieces are made from special ox-hide and edge of cantle is decorated by ox-bone.  It is for sale.

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