Go: False positive virus detection

Recently to my surprise antivirus software detected virus in my freshly build golang program. Doing research I found interesting article from Melle Boudewijns. So I created simple golang program hello_flags.go:

package main

func main() {
  print("Hello: go build -race -ldflags \"-s -w\" hello_flags.go")

Then I compiled this source file with flags and execute it and again without flags and execute it. Here is output:

G:\hello_flags>go build -race -ldflags "-s -w" hello_flags.go

Hello: go build -race -ldflags "-s -w" hello_flags.go
G:\hello_flags>go build hello_flags.go

Access is denied.


Online tool VirusTotal.com for executable compiled with flags detected Trojan/Malicious/Malware by 16 antivirus programs. Avast did not detect it.

It looks like antivirus machine learning software should learn about simple golang program like above to avoid false positive detection.

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