Wordle helper

Wordle is nice single webpage game at https://www.powerlanguage.co.uk/wordle/ There is a page with list of the many 5 letter words at https://7esl.com/5-letter-words/ Here is how to create a plain text file with 660 5 letter words:

$ curl https://7esl.com/5-letter-words -O
$ grep "^<li>.....<" < 5-letter-words | sed 's|<li>\(.....\)</li>|\1|' > 5-letter-words.txt

Then one can grep the file 5-letter-word.txt to eliminate some options and list promising words.

There is also webpage https://eslforums.com/5-letter-words/ with 2498 words which can be processed into flat file 5-letter-wordsx2498.txt. Or even better option at file wordle-answers-alphabetical.txt by github user cfreshman with 2315 words.

Here is an example such helpful pipe. The first command lists words with known letter position, the second one eliminates words for letters which are not there

 $ grep ..o.. 5-letter-wordsx2498.txt | grep -vi -E "a|d|i|e|u|s|n|t|f|l"
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