NanoHTTPD Simple Webserver in jar

NanoHttpd is an open-source, small-footprint web server project with github repository. If SimpleWebServer is compiled and jarred into executable jar nanoSimpleWWW.jar, it has size less than 48 kB! Everything what is needed to start is from a directory with HTML files, including index files like index.htm or index.html For example like this:

java -jar nanoSimpleWWW.jar

and you may look at your web page at http://localhost:8080, or you may define more parameters, for example:

java -jar nanoSimpleWWW.jar -p 80 -d C:\Users\Admin\webRoot -q

and look at your web pages at default port http://localhost, quietly without messages about pages being served. Java version at least 1.6 is needed.

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