Bootable USB Flash disk with Windows7

Here are steps to create bootable USB Flash disk with Windows7.

1. 4GB or bigger USB Flash Disk needed

2. Put your Window 7 Instalation DVD into your computer DVD mechanics. If DVD is not readily available, you may download ISO image, for example, Windows 7 Home Premium x64 with SP1 (bootable) fromĀ and burn new DVD.

3. On your Windows 7 computer (with DVD in D: and USB Flash in E:) do:

DISKPART>list disk
DISKPART>select disk N
DISKPART>create partition primary
DISKPART>format fs=ntfs
DISKPART>assign //letter drive e.g. E:
D:>cd boot
D:>bootsect /nt60 E:
D:>xcopy D:\* E: /E

4. May sure in BIOS, that computer is able to boot from USB Flash drive. It’s also handy to have picture of computer MS Windows certificate.

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