Java executable jar file

Once a while is needed java executable jar file using java jar tool. Here is an example of the batch file, let’s say makejar.bat, which can create executable jar file. Expects package name examples.
The first parameter is package subdirectory, second parameter is class with public static main method.

@echo off
if "%1" == ""  goto help
if "%2" == ""  goto help

set makeSubdir=%1
set makeMainClass=%2

echo Manifest-Version: 1.0  > myManifest
echo Created-By: Joe Doe >> myManifest
echo Main-Class: %makeMainClass% >> myManifest
rem Class-Path: lib/lib1.jar lib/lib2.jar lib/lib3.jar

jar cvfm %makeSubdir%.jar myManifest   examples/%makeSubdir%
goto end

echo Usage:
echo %0 subdirectory Main-Class
echo Example"
echo %0 jlist examples.jlist.List
echo .
echo Creates jlist.jar
echo Call:
echo java -jar jlist.jar

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