Writing a research proposal

Good research paper starts by good research proposal. Here is one of a many resources, how to write a research proposal, including:A Basic Proposal Outline:

  1. Introduction
    • Topic area
    • Research question
    • Significance to knowledge
  2. Literature review
    • Previous research others & yours
    • Interlocking findings and Unanswered questions
    • Your preliminary work on the topic
    • The remaining questions and inter-locking logic
    • Reprise of your research question(s) in this context
  3. Methodology
    • Approach
    • Data needs
    • Analytic techniques
    • Plan for interpreting results
  4. Expected results
  5. Budget
  6. Bibliography (or References)

Another structure suitable for clinical studies


  1. Working Title:
  2. Aim:
  3. Background:
  4. Hypotheses:
  5. Design:
  6. Methods:
  7. Statistical Power Calculations:
  8. Clinical relevance:
  9. References:
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