Web of Trust Notary

I become Thawte Web of Trust Notary. Last week I was able to reach over 100 points, and today I found my status green as a WOT Notary. I decided not to charge anything for my service. At beginning I can assign 10 points. In the directory I’m listed at USA/Minnesota/Olmsted/Rochester. As a today, there are two other notaries in Rochester (10 and 25 points), and there are three notaries in Olmsted county, actually they reside also in Rochester (10, 15, and 35 points). It means new customer can earn easily 50 points, and it is possible to earn 105 points, and become notary. I learned about contact emails: US customers have contact email wot-us@thawte.com, international customers wot-intl@thawte.com. I’ll be happy to notarize my first customer to receive free personal e-mail certificate.

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