Our local network is connected through cable modem, and D-Link wireless router DI-514. This router has also four RJ-45 ports. Local network could be with mask, so up to 254 IP addresses could be assigned from to . It’s getting interesting, how to add another subnetwork to this router.

Router1 (DI-514): WAN port to the cable modemĀ  has IP address assigned by ISP (Internet Service Provider). Local network can be with mask, so 126 IP addresses from range to could be assigned. And there could be another network with mask with another 126 IP addresses from range to . Lets say, that this second network could be used as a connecting network. One port could have IP address, port on another device, and rest of the address space would be wasted. But in this situation it does not hurt.

Router2 (Linksys): WAN port should be assigned IP address, mask

Unfortunately easy available private networks 10.x.x.x (, 172.16.x.x ( and 192.168.x.x ( routers don’t propagate, so it can be challenge to configure it. As a DNS it’s possible to use IP addresses or .

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