Local plants

My son should identify for Boy Scouts at least 10 different plants. Here is list of plants in our neighborhood, it will be updated, and more items should be added:

  1. Lemon balm, Melissa officinalis (Lamiaceae),  Meduňka lékařská[Melisa citronová](Hluchavkovité)
  2. Nettle,Urtica, Kopřiva
  3. Basswood; Linden tree, Tilia,Lípa
  4. Willow, Salix, Vrba
  5. Poplar, Populus, Topol
  6. Birch, Betula, Bříza
  7. Juniper, Juniperus, Jalovec
  8. Spruce, Picea, Smrk
  9. Lilac, Syringa, Šeřík
  10. Forsythia, Forsythia, Zlatý d隻
  11. Cattail, Typha, Rákos
  12. Thistle, Asteraceae, Bodlák
  13. Dandelion, Taraxacum, Pampeliška
  14. Maple
  15. Pine
  16. Acacia

…more to be added

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