100 000 miles

This morning January 29, 2016 odometer in garage showed at 7:56 99,999 miles, so it was opportunity to take picture, and also to take picture of the palindrom 100001 two miles and few minutes later at 8:04. Notice that temperature was 10 degrees lower. Well, Minnesota Winter, thou mild.
So from October 23, 2009 till January 29, 2016 was 2289 days. (100 000 – 15 000) / 2289 = 37 miles per day, roughly.

Update: March 31, 2016: 101010 miles / 60 = 16.8 mi per day
101010 miles

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Learning by example

Software magazine has published article Learning by example from Mike Hansen, and one has to only agree, that applying supply chain principles to software development is a good direction.

…there are significant opportunities to make performance gains by optimizing supply chains. By allowing for appropriate constraints or rules to be established up front, automating conformance and tooling, and verifying the information needed to remediate issues or context, organizations can markedly improve efficiency and control risk, thereby unleashing their capacity for innovation.

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Progress Bar

.ProgressBar {
      width: 300px; /*ProgressBar width*/
      background-color: gray;
      margin-top: 1px;
      position: relative;
      height: 60px;
      border-radius: 5px;
  .ProgressbarMeter {
      width: 59.555%; /*Percetage width of the ProgressbarMeter*/      
      background-color: green;
      margin-top: 3px;
      height: 54px;
      border-radius: 5px;
      position: absolute;

<div class="ProgressBar"><div class="ProgressbarMeter"></div></div>
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ftp move

There is no move command in ftp client, but it’s possible to do move with help of command rename. Make sure, that directory, into which you are going to move a file, exists.

Example: Let’s say, there is a file abc.war in a current directory, and we would like to move it into new directory alpha/beta/gama

ftp>mkdir alpha
ftp>mkdir alpha/beta
ftp>mkdir alpha/beta/gama
ftp>rename abc.war alpha/beta/gama/abc.war

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NanoHTTPD Simple Webserver in jar

NanoHttpd is an open-source, small-footprint web server project with github repository. If SimpleWebServer is compiled and jarred into executable jar nanoSimpleWWW.jar, it has size less than 48 kB! Everything what is needed to start is from a directory with HTML files, including index files like index.htm or index.html For example like this:

java -jar nanoSimpleWWW.jar

and you may look at your web page at http://localhost:8080, or you may define more parameters, for example:

java -jar nanoSimpleWWW.jar -p 80 -d C:\Users\Admin\webRoot -q

and look at your web pages at default port http://localhost, quietly without messages about pages being served. Java version at least 1.6 is needed.

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From Formamide to RNA

There is a fascinating research going on, how could life developed billions years ago from simple compounds. Maybe the key was formamide. Se more at article From Formamide to RNA, the Path Is Tenuous but Continuous by Samanta Pino, Judit E. Sponer, Giovanna Costanzo, Raffaele Saladino and Ernesto Di Mauro.


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Tips for wget

Amit Agarwal wrote recently really nice list of tips for well known utility wget. At the end, there is a little quiz, following wget command:

wget ‐‐span-hosts ‐‐level=inf ‐‐recursive dmoz.org

The first option ‐‐span-hosts will allow to download from all links, the second option ‐‐level=inf (or ‐‐level=0) will specify infinite retrying. With conbination of the third option ‐‐recursive we’ve crawler with root at Open Directory Project – dmoz.org.

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More stylesheets with LESS

There is an excellent article on IBM developerWorks website “Do more in CSS with LESS“.  It describes how to use LESS to write readable and maintainable Cascading Style Sheets.  Unfortunatelly command line command using Rhino to compile LESS to CSS changed from the version  in the article. Here is batch file with one parameter filename without extension, which can be used for version 1.7.5. For example from myfile.less would create myfile.css:

set lessD=C:\Users\Owner\lessRhino
java -jar %lessD%\js.jar -f %lessD%\less-rhino-1.7.5.js %lessD%\lessc-rhino-1.7.5.js %1.less > %1.css

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Regular expression in JEdit

JEdit is an excellent editor and includes search and replace with regular expressions. For subexpressions in the replacement area is using dolar sign $ instead of backslash \. Here is a small example. Second occurence of substring cv needs to be replaced by substring s1.

String: array(‘ab’ => ‘156.2’, ‘cv’ => ‘99.9999’, ‘cv‘ => ‘9.9999),
Search for:(.*?cv)(.*)cv(.*)
Replace with:$1$2s1$3

New string: array(‘ab’ => ‘156.2’, ‘cv’ => ‘99.9999’, ‘s1‘ => ‘9.9999),

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AWS Free Tier

Amazon AWS Free Tier is a Virtual Private Server (VPS), something to try and play with for up to one year. After creating AWS account one can use any of the 18 products and services for free within certain usage limits: Amazon – EC2, S3, Mobile Analytics, Cognito, DynamoDB, EBS, CloudFront, RDS, ElastiCache, ELB, SNS, Elasti Transcoder, SQS, SWF, SES, CloudWatch; AWS – Trusted Advisor, Data Pipeline.

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