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Sexagesimal one character digits

Sexagesimal (base 60) is a numeral system with sixty as its base. In some form with help of decimal digits ┬áis used for measuring time, angles, and geographic coordinates. There are no special symbols for it’s digits like in binary … Continue reading

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Irish Soda Bread

On Saint Patrick’s day I’ve got surprising gift: Irish Soda Bread. It was gone almost immediately. Very tasty, sweet, a little bit crunchy, just fabulous. Bought at Walmart. Here is link to their recipe. Ingredients Nonstick cooking spray 2 cups … Continue reading

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Romaine lettuce orange juice smoothie

Simple and easy romaine lettuce orange juice smoothie. See pictures below. There are about 225g of lettuce and 335g of orange juice resulting in two glasses of the smoothie. Good source of information about food is at including downloadable … Continue reading

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md5sum for files in the directory

Here is nice one line solution to generate list of md5sums: ls *.py | while read f;do md5sum $f;done > /tmp/list1.md5sums Or oneliner for subdirectory tree: find . -name “*.py” | while read f;do md5sum $f;done

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Charter 6rd configuration

It’s good to know, that Internet Service Provider CHARTER is getting ready for IPv6. There is a trial program, and here is working Linux configuration: #edit /etc/config/network #/etc/init.d/network reload config interface ‘wan6’ option proto ‘6rd’ option peeraddr ‘’ option ip6prefix … Continue reading

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Ethernet cables

With improving internet infrastructure, higher speeds are now possible. In case of gigabits per second speed one needs to pay attention to the ethernet cable. Better to choose Cat 5e or even Cat 6. There is nice article What Kind … Continue reading

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SSH port tunneling

Let’s say, a user1 has a ssh connection to the, and he would like to view a webpage on intranet server available from exampleserver. Then command could be like this: ssh -L 8000: If using Putty, one … Continue reading

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One gigasecond is: 1,000,000,000 seconds 11574.074 days (1 day is 84,600 seconds) 31.688738506811430964562103462971 gregorian years (365.2425 days) 2 Gs = 63.377477013622861929124206925941 gregorian years 3 Gs = 95.066215520434292893686310388913 gregorian years 4 Gs = 126.75495402724572385824841385188 gregorian years

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Institute for the Future

The Institute for the Future is is a 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation founded in 1968 by a group of former RAND Corporation researchers with a grant from the Ford Foundation to take leading-edge research methodologies into the public and business sectors. … Continue reading

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Remote desktop over VPN

Having work on Windows Remote Desktop over VPN and cell phone network, it was an opportunity to check how much bandwidth one could use. Probably it would depend how many screen is user flipping through, but answer is about 1 … Continue reading

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